Neck Lift

Options to rejuvenate and refine the neck and lower face

A common complaint that men and women in Asheville have as they get older is the appearance of their neck. Sagging skin and connective tissue can cause the neck to appear unnaturally full in some individuals, and in others a bothersome skin fold may appear beneath the chin. Many of us have inherited a tendency toward submental fullness (a.k.a. a “double chin”) and are unhappy with stubborn fat in this area.

If any of these issues are effecting the way you feel about your appearance, then you might consider a neck contouring procedure. A neck lift can eliminate excess skin to reducing jowling and restore a smoother, more youthful appearance to the lower face, while neck liposuction removes excess fat to reduce fullness under the chin and create a better defined jawline.

What can neck contouring help to improve?

A neck lift or neck liposuction procedure can take years off your appearance or even make it look as though you have lost weight. After a neck lift, you may better enjoy wearing clothing that shows off your neckline. Others may notice that you look better refreshed.

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Neck contouring can help address signs of aging on the neck, achieving many common goals:

  • Reduce excess fat beneath the chin
  • Remove excess skin to eliminate a “turkey neck”
  • Refine the contours of a jawline that lacks definition
  • Smooth and tighten loose, heavily wrinkled skin on the neck and jowls

Choosing Dr. Conway for your Asheville neck lift procedure

Dr. Conway finds facial cosmetic surgery very rewarding, as he is able to help patients enjoy a renewed confidence in their appearance. As a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Conway has a thorough understanding of facial anatomy and an intuitive sense of proportion, detail and symmetry. His precision and artistic talent as a medical illustrator are evident in his patients’ naturally appealing results, while his caring and attentive nature help him achieve the specific improvements a patient desires.

Neck Lift vs. Neck Liposuction

While both are used to help restore a smoother, better defined neck and jawline, a neck lift is a very different procedure than neck liposuction. Which is more appropriate for a patient depends on the nature of a patient’s concern.

Neck lift surgery is typically needed if…

  • Skin is noticeably loose and sagging
  • Underlying muscles need to be tightened
  • You are bothered by heavily wrinkled skin or neck bands

Neck liposuction may be a good option if…

  • You are bothered by excess fat under the chin
  • Skin has good elasticity and contracts well

About the neck lift procedure

Your neck lift surgery takes place in our private, AAAASF accredited surgery suite, located next to our office. Depending on the extent of the procedure, Dr. Conway may use local anesthesia, intravenous sedation, or general anesthesia; the latter two are provided by a board certified MD anesthesiologist.

If you are having a neck lift, Dr. Conway will begin by making small incisions around the natural creases of the ear and/or beneath the chin. Through these incisions, he will tighten lax neck muscles if needed, and remove excess, sagging skin. Remaining skin is lifted and tightened to restore a smoother, more youthful appearance to the neck. Incisions are closed with sutures and bandaged. A neck lift is a standard part of a facelift, but can also be performed as a single procedure.

Neck liposuction typically requires only a small incision beneath the chin. Using a small cannula (liposuction tube), Dr. Conway will loosen and remove excess fat cells, sculpting a more naturally defined shape to the chin. Following liposuction, a compression sleeve may be placed around the chin.

Neck lift recovery

Immediately after surgery, your neck will feel tight and sore. Dr. Conway will prescribe pain medication to help you manage post-operative discomfort. Bruising and swelling are typical after a neck lift, and will gradually subside 1 to 2 weeks after surgery. You will be encouraged to get up and walk around the same day as surgery, but will need to mostly rest for the first 2 to 3 days.

Most patients can return to light daily activities within 1 to 2 weeks after a neck lift or neck liposuction, although this varies depending on the extent of your procedure. If you are also having a facelift, brow lift, or eyelid surgery, recovery may take a little longer. Dr. Conway will provide you with detailed instructions regarding your recovery.

Long-lasting results after neck lift surgery

A neck lift can achieve dramatic improvements in appearance that last for many years. With excess, sagging skin and/or fat gone, a neck lift helps to “rewind the clock” on facial aging. You can help your results continue to look their best by adopting a quality skincare regime and maintaining a stable weight.

Are you interested in learning more about neck contouring in Asheville? Please contact us for a consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Donald Conway. He will be glad to help you understand your options.

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