Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

All about blepharoplasty in Asheville, North Carolina

Do you feel that you appear tired all the time? Do others sometimes tell you that you look worried, even when you are feeling cheerful? Your eyes say so much about how you are feeling—naturally you want them to tell the right story about you. If excess, sagging skin on your upper eyelids or puffy “bags” beneath your eyes is causing you to appear tired, worried or angry, cosmetic eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, can correct the problem and restore a more naturally refreshed appearance to your face.

Why consider a cosmetic eyelid procedure?

Even small corrections to the eyelid contour can dramatically improve one’s appearance, helping a person look more alert, approachable and better refreshed. Many patients who think they may need a facelift are pleased to discover that eyelid surgery alone can help them look years younger by taking away a major source of their “tired” appearance.

Yet eyelid surgery can do much more than rejuvenate. If your vision is obstructed by sagging skin above your eyes, blepharoplasty can improve your ability to see and brighten your appearance. By allowing your face to more accurately portray your feelings, eyelid surgery can have a positive effect on self-confidence and quality of life.

Choosing Dr. Conway for your eyelid procedure

The eyelids are a challenging area to operate on. With delicate skin and dozens of different muscles and ligaments, a surgeon must make tiny adjustments to achieve noticeable, natural improvements and symmetrical results.

With decades of experience in facial cosmetic surgery, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Donald Conway has a background as a medical illustrator, a highly specialized field that requires an impeccable sense of proportion and detail as well as an exhaustive knowledge of anatomy. His knowledge, keen artistic eye, and surgical skill give Dr. Conway the expertise to achieve safe, natural and predictable eyelid lift results that will last for years.

Eyelid Surgery Options in Asheville

No two blepharoplasty patients are exactly the same, and Dr. Conway tailors his surgical plan to the individual. Depending on your goals and the nature of your concerns, Dr. Conway may recommend upper eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery, or a combination of procedures.

All eyelid procedures are performed in our on-site, accredited private surgery suite in Asheville. Local or general anesthesia, administered by a board certified anesthesiologist, may be used depending on your needs and personal preferences.

Upper Eyelid Surgery

Sagging skin and tissues on the upper eyelids are a common source of the “tired” look that patients wish to correct. Upper eyelid surgery may help you if you are bothered by any of the following:

  • Excess skin is hanging over your upper eyelashes
  • The natural crease in the upper eyelid lacks definition due to sagging tissues
  • You have trouble seeing with a complete range of vision
  • You appear tired, worried, or angry even when you are not

During upper eyelid surgery, Dr. Conway will make a tiny incision in the natural crease in the upper lid, removing the appropriate amount of excess skin to restore a better refreshed, yet natural appearance while allowing for normal eyelid movements. In certain cases, he may remove excess fat or muscle tissue to alleviate frown lines or related issues.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

The most common issue warranting lower eyelid surgery is puffiness or “bags” under the eyes, which can be caused by herniated fat or sagging skin due to aging, or it can be a hereditary trait. For younger patients with good skin tone, Dr. Conway can often restore a smoother, more rested appearance by removing excess fat alone. Those with sagging skin beneath the eyelids may require some skin removal and repositioning as well as fat removal. Lower eyelid surgery may be a good option if you experience any of the following:

  • You have puffiness beneath your eyes no matter how well-rested you are
  • You are bothered by sagging skin that is bunching up beneath the eyes
  • You have deep or recessed tear troughs

For lower eyelid surgery, Dr. Conway will make an incision either inside the lower eyelid or just along the lash line. Incisions are placed to be inconspicuous once healed.

Combining Upper & Lower Eyelid Surgery

The upper and lower eyelids do not age independently from one another, and in many cases, Dr. Conway will recommend both upper and lower eyelid surgery to achieve the most naturally appealing results. Combined eyelid procedures can be performed during the same operation, typically with no additional recovery time required.

Complementing Eyelid Surgery with Non-Surgical Treatments

Botox and injectable fillers, laser skin treatments, and peels can enhance the results of eyelid surgery by smoothing out fine lines, tightening the skin, or reducing signs of sun damage in the areas surrounding the eyes. Dr. Conway and our skincare team will help you understand how you might benefit from one or more complementary non-surgical treatments.

How much does cosmetic eyelid surgery in Asheville cost?

Eyelid surgery is a highly individualized procedure, and fees will vary depending on the extent of surgery and whether or not you are having another facial procedure performed at the same time. On average, eyelid surgery fees range from about $2,500 to $5,000, including surgical fees, operating room and anesthesia costs, and pre- and post-surgical visits. You will be given a detailed, personalized fee quote at your consultation with Dr. Conway.

Recovering from eyelid surgery

Most patients find recovery after eyelid surgery a much less daunting experience than anticipated. You will be able to go home shortly after surgery to rest, and you will be up and walking around later that evening. Your eyes will not be covered with a bandage, although Dr. Conway may apply a lubricating ointment to prevent your eyes from becoming too dry. You will need someone with you for the first 24 hours as anesthesia effects wear off.

Most normal activity can be resumed in about a week, although you should avoid lifting and straining for several more weeks. While you may return to sedentary work when you have finished taking any prescription pain medication, it is important to schedule plenty of breaks, as your eyes will tire more easily during the initial weeks of recovery.

Dr. Conway will discuss the recovery process in detail during your consultation. He and his nurse are also available 24 hours a day by phone should you have questions or concerns during your recovery after eyelid surgery.

Learn more at a personal consultation

If you would like to learn more about options to rejuvenate and refresh the appearance of your eyes, we invite you to contact our Asheville plastic surgery office for a consultation with Dr. Donald Conway. Our friendly staff are here to help you get started.

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