Can Rhinoplasty Make You More Instantly Likeable? A New Study Examines the Impact of Nose Surgery on First Impressions

While people choose to have cosmetic surgery for many reasons, most simply want to feel more confident in their own skin. What others will think is rarely the main motivation. That said, many of our Asheville cosmetic surgery patients have reported more positive social interactions after certain procedures, and there is new research to back up this anecdotal evidence.

Can getting a new nose help you make a better first impression?

The cosmetic surgery news site Aesthetic Channel reported on a recent study to see how undergoing rhinoplasty might change the way others perceive a person. A group of 264 volunteers were shown before and after pictures of ten female rhinoplasty patients plus two “control” photos of individuals who had not had rhinoplasty in random order, without being told which photos were “before” and which were “after.”

The real value of rhinoplasty lies in how self-confidence can improve as a result of being happier with your appearance, regardless of how others feel.

The result? The “after” photos of rhinoplasty patients got higher ratings for likeability, attractiveness, femininity, and confidence than the before or control photos, and lower ratings in aggressiveness. The researchers concluded that this study affirmed that “rhinoplasty achieves the desired effects for Caucasian women in terms of improving the physical traits of attractiveness, femininity, confidence, youthfulness, facial harmony and symmetry.”

Our take? Being seen more favorably by others is a nice fringe benefit of nose surgery, but how you feel matters more.

While being perceived as more attractive or likeable by others can be a nice fringe benefit of rhinoplasty—and one that may help some patients in their careers or social lives—the real value of rhinoplasty lies in how being happier with your appearance can improve your sense of self-confidence, regardless of how others feel. Fortunately, a boost in self-confidence is a well-established goal and result of rhinoplasty.

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