5 Ways to Tighten Your Neck Skin & Keep It Taut

Mature woman examines face and neck in mirrorToo often we focus our skincare routine on our face and forget about our neck (sound familiar?). However, because skin is thinner and muscles are weaker in the neck, this area is actually more vulnerable to skin aging. Various factors, such as sun exposure, may be responsible for causing your neck skin to age prematurely. But don’t panic—here are 5 actions you can take to help keep your neck skin tight and taut:

1. Use medical grade skincare that supports skin elasticity

Medical-grade skincare is more than a buzz term: these products contain a higher concentration of active ingredients, making them far more effective than OTC topicals. Additionally, medical-grade skincare products work on multiple levels of skin, whereas OTC products only treat your outer-most layer of skin.

Whether you’re choosing a moisturizer, anti-aging serum, or acne treatment, look for these two ingredients to support elasticity in your neck skin:

  • Retinol is a vitamin that helps speed up cell turnover (the shedding of dead skin cells and replacement of new, healthy cells) and increases collagen production. While it can be found in OTC products, prescription formulas contain more potent levels of retinol.
  • Hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally in our connective tissues but becomes depleted over time due to UV exposure and aging. Skincare products that contain hyaluronic acid hydrate cells deep within the dermis for plumper, healthier skin.

2. Smooth products upwards (never downwards!) when applying skincare

This tip may not sound important, but little things can add up—remember that if you are taking proper care of your neck skin, you’ll be applying products hundreds of times a year! A downward motion could encourage neck sagging, so instead, applying skincare products to the neck in an upward motion. Also, because your neck skin is ultra-sensitive (the neck has the thinnest skin on the body second to the eyelids), be sure to use a light hand when applying skincare products.

3. Protect your neck with SPF

The majority of premature neck aging is due to sun exposure, so it’s important to protect your neck with a powerful, medical-grade SPF. We suggest using a mineral-based sunscreen instead of a chemical formula when possible, as they usually protect against both UVA & UVB rays and are non-irritating. Also look for sunscreens that are non-comedogenic, as these products won’t clog pores and will feel lighter on the skin.

The majority of premature neck aging is due to sun exposure, so it’s important to protect your neck with a powerful, medical-grade SPF.

If you do go with a chemical sunscreen, we recommend La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios Clear Skin Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF 60 because it is one of the few sunscreens that contains avobenzone, a UVA-blocking chemical—plus, its nongreasy formula is great for acne-prone skin.

4. Try these non-surgical solutions

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments like BOTOX Cosmetic® and laser skin resurfacing can be very effective at temporarily reversing the signs of neck aging.

  • BOTOX. As we age, our neck muscles (called platysma bands) thicken, making them visible through thinning skin. These muscles also put pressure on the jawline, causing skin on the neck and jaw to sag. Botox relaxes the platysma bands, allowing the neck to appear slimmer and more contoured. BOTOX results typically last for 3 to 4 months.
  • Laser skin resurfacing. Using fractionated lasers, laser skin resurfacing may be used to smooth a “crepe” texture of the neck skin, and is offered as an office treatment with minimal downtime.

5. Consider professional help with a neck lift

For patients with severe neck sagging or for those who want to avoid sagging in the future, a neck lift is often the best option. This procedure surgically tightens platysma bands to reduce “turkey neck” and excises loose neck skin for a smoother, healthier appearance. A neck lift can also correct a “double chin” by removing fat beneath the chin, and improve jowling on the lower face. A neck lift is a standard part of a facelift, but I also perform neck lifts as standalone procedures.

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